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Services & Amenities

Relax, chill and unwind

Usiba Lodge offers you a perfect gateway to all activities in the Magaliesburg area. Away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, we provide access to all the unique activities that will rejuvenate and invigorate you. Here you can choose to relax and unwind or experience the fun-filled activities that Usiba Lodge has to offer. Here are some of the invigorating activities you can look forward to at Usiba Lodge:

Beauty Spa

Places of interest

Visit the Caves (20 minutes away)

For that unforgettable experience at Cradle of Humankind caves, Usiba Lodge will facilitate your visit, including transport to the caves and back to Usiba Lodge. The Cradle of Humankind is famous for fossil discoveries, this is where Mrs Ples was discovered and more recently, in 2010, the new hominid species of a young boy and a woman whom scientists believe will change the way we view evolution forever!

Hot Air Ballooning (20 minutes away)

Hot Air Ballooning is perhaps the best way to take in the landscapes of this beautiful country and the stunning view of Magaliesburg. Usiba Lodge will do all the booking and seek the best rates for this highly sought after activity on your behalf. You can float high above the ground where you have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous countryside below. Hot Air Ballooning is a definite must do when in the area.

Elephant Sanctuary

You can enjoy an exciting and comprehensive elephant experience in our area. Whether you want to watch the elephants from a distance or touch, feel, walk and feed elephants, Usiba Lodge will book you at your preferred outing place.

Arts and Culture

Our area is renowned for its rich distinctive arts and crafts. To see how our people express themselves and embody culture in creative forms, you can visit arts and crafts villages in Magaliesburg. Usiba Lodge will guide you to all the areas' arts and crafts locations.

Horse Riding (40 minutes away)

You can depend on us to facilitate the exhilarating sport of horse riding for your enjoyment. When you need that leisurely horse ride or the thrilling heart pacing rides away from the city, this is where you get the most rewarding experience. The horse riding facilities are suitable beginners, children, families and experienced riders.

Shuttle Service

Usiba Lodge facilitates reliable shuttle service that will take you from one activity to the other in the area and ensure you experience the complete marvel of Magaliesburg.

Your Satisfaction

Activities in the area

Apart from all the activities that you can enjoy at Usiba Lodge, we also facilitate other activities in the greater Magaliesburg area, offering you the much needed value in staying with us. At a centralised location, you are able to gain access to the areas renowned activities. At Usiba Lodge, we facilitate all our guest's booking needs for the following activities in the area:

Bird Watching

With over 300 bird species in Magaliesburg, the area is a sanctuary for bird watchers and visitors. The area is home to cuckoos, starlings, robins, babblers, barbets, finches, owls and a multitude of other species. The rich bird life of the area has been one of the most treasured attractions of the area and Usiba Lodge provides you with access to this magnificent activity.

Fly Fishing (10mins away)

Usiba Lodge provides guests with access to eco-friendly fly-fishing facilities in the area. Whether you are experienced or are a learner, you will enjoy this experience in peaceful environment. Unforgettable fly-fishing experience awaits you. Usiba Lodge will acquire the fishing equipment and ensure your booking for this activity.


The area has exclusive, world class golf courses that offer you active recreation. Whether you want to learn a few swings in a relaxed environment being cheered on by the birds or play Four Ball, Usiba Lodge will gladly arrange for you a memorable golfing outing.

Mountain Hiking

One of the most cherished histories of Magaliesburg lies in the fact that it has one of the oldest mountains in the world, 100 times older than Everest. Apart from the breathtaking and splendid mountain views you will enjoy the popular mountain hiking experience. Usiba Lodge guarantees all your hiking equipment and booking for this activity.